Zoltan Tokaji
Photographer /Filmmaker

Image data Capture

Using image or video as a means of data capturing is becoming increasingly popular due to the ongoing improvements in technology. Image capturing can be used for planning, job scoping, progress development record keeping and as a means of evidence. 

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Roof top Inspection

Need to see the top of a structure? we can send our drones up and take high resolution images or video of the hard to reach places.







Site Survey

Perfect if you are planning a project and need to work of an up to date site aerial site image 








3D Model

Build 3D models of various structures to get a better understanding of the proposed project. Gives you the ability to measure distance, area and volume



Other Photography solutions

Profile Pictures​

Consistent attractive photos of your team to bring a personal presence on your website​

Development Progress

Progress images or video of your latest development to provide updates and confidence to your clients​

Social Media Advertising​

Use the power of video to create social media advertisements to reach large crowd​s

Profile Videos​

A personal approach to demonstrate the individual characters of your team​

Suburb Profile​

Targeting a specific location? A video showcasing the attractions of a particular suburb or area will get their attention!

Business Video Advertising

Would like to get your business "out there"? create a short sharp business advertisement perfect for social media

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